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17333 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio TX

(210) 494-6688

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The Gist : absolute

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    2012-12-26 04:26:10

    I had dinner with my daughter and mother this evening at the China Harbor on N US Highway 281 in San Antonio, Texas. All I can say is the absolute worst experience in my life! Where do I even begin? When we arrived my 7 year old daughter ordered a diet coke for herself and a high chair for her doll. Over 10 minutes later neither one had been brought to our table. I finally get up and have to ask for my daughter's drink. When a waitress walked by our table, my daughter again asked for a high chair. She was told "NO" by the waitress because as the waitress says "You are too big." I told the waitress the high chair was not for her, but instead for the doll. The waitress only ignores me and goes to what I thought was the manager to discuss the issue with her. I watch from my table as the "manager" shakes her head NO to the high chair request. During our entire meal, we were never once asked if we would like refills on any of our drinks. Instead, my mother has to ask herself for more water. After my daughter and I were done eating dinner we got up to get some ice cream. I scoop her up some vanilla and then start to scoop some cookies n cream for myself. As I am finishing up the scoop I look down to see a long, black hair in the ice cream! I have reddish, brown hair! When we leave and our paying our bill, my mother asks to talk with the manager. An older woman with short black hair comes to the counter. My mother begins to tell about the refusal of our waitress for the high chair. I started to say something to the woman about how I saw her shake her head NO to the request. She not only tries to tell me that she did not do this, but is yelling at me at the same time! I just left the restaurant and went to my car to wait for my mother. I am not going to pay someone my money and have them yell at me! When my mother got to the car, she said the woman continued to yell at her, ignored my mother's few comments of hair in the food, and even said the waitress told her that I had called her a bitch! Seriously...are you kiddin' me? After all this, she never offered to discount our meal mom paid full price for that type of service! I called the restaurant to find the number where I could reach the owner about our extremely poor service. I found out that who I thought was only a manager is actually the owner of this China Harbor location. You have to be pullin' my leg...this woman is the owner! NO WAY WILL I EVER GO TO A RESTAURANT WITH SUCH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! AFTER ALL, I AM PAYING THEM NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

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